Friday, October 31, 2008

I'm so angry..

Last night, my husband was doing the nightly walking of the dogs. He was attacked by a large dog, acutally our little Zoli was the target. It was dark, the dog came out of nowhere and grabbed her around the neck. H ended up rolling around on the ground, prying the dog's jaw off Zoli. By then he was also calling for help. Three men came running and two of them held the big dog and the other helped H up and gathered our dogs. H brought Zoli in, called me and went back out to find his glasses and see about the other dog. After seeing how badly she was bitten, we left for the emergency animal clinic. Zoli has several stitches, some punctures that have to remain open so they can drain, and a couple of bruised legs. H came to the hospital as soon as he had talked to all the authorities.

This morning we found out who owns the dog. At the same time, animal control had received a call from another neighbor and had picked up the "pitbull." Because H had no puncture wounds, they gave the dog back to the owner along with a ticket for $150. Heis to pay Zoli's doctors bills also.

It's not looking good, folks. The guy that owns the dog was supposed to be this afternoon. After waiting for four hours we called. Left a message. Left another message. He called an hour later. He doesn't know what the big deal is....his dog is fine and we had ours "fixed." He has bills, ya know, he has to pay his mortgage, electric..yada, yada. H reminded him we were all in the same boat. The kid got belligerent. Not looking good.... He is supposed to come over tomorrow morning. He is active duty military, so we can go that route if we have to but don't really want to. It's his attitude! When he called he said he had to go dirt bike racing tonight and that was why he couldn't take care of business...not looking good.

The good news ..Zoli is going to be okay. She looks a little "Frankendogish" but the pain meds are keeping her quiet and bodily functions are good.. I'm putting in a little picture of her, so if you have major pet sympathy pains, don't look.


MsKnottyKnits said...

Ohhh... Nail his you know what to the wall! How disgusting that the owner is trying to walk away from his responsibilities. I'd call Animal Control - they should be able to enforce his punishment.

dawn said...

Your poor puppy. I hate irresponsible dog owners. You should try to get a hold of his 1st Sergeant if he tries to get out of paying. I hope your dog feels better soon.